Balcony Glass Railing

Balcony Glass Railing

Glass balustrade is a railing or fence system composed of transparent or translucent glass. The brackets can be aluminum balcony glass railings and ss with glass railing. Frameless glass balustrade is also available. Glass guardrails can be used in residential or commercial buildings. Residential buildings are generally used for indoor staircase glass balustrades and outdoor balconies, decks, rooftop terraces and swimming pools. Commercial buildings are generally used for relatively open central areas. The main function of glass balustrades is to provide edge protection and safety while allowing light to pass through. Glass for handrails is increasingly common in modern architecture as it can add a modern feel and security to a building, providing clear and unobstructed views.

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ZMR Balcony Glass Railing Introduction

ZMR’s glass balustrades are available in aluminum, stainless steel and frameless materials. The glass includes tempered glass, laminated glass, laminated glass, etc., providing customers with more choices. Glass railing systems are available in single-sided and multi-sided designs to better match various house construction styles. There is no doubt that glass balustrades can add elegance to a building, reduce obstruction to the view, and be windproof, durable and easy to clean. Our quality cannot be questioned, our materials stand the test of time and we provide good service. If you also want to add distinctive glass balustrades to your house, please tell us your balcony size, preferred style and budget.

Base Colors

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Champagne Gold

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White Oak

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Some frequent questions and answers about balcony glass railing
  1. Purchase of aluminum rods;
  2.  Heating and softening of aluminum rods, heating of molds and preheating of extrusion machines;
  3. Extrusion of aluminum rods on machines; 
  4. High-temperature aging treatment of extruded profiles to make them to reach the standard hardness; 
  5. Clean before spraying; 
  6. Powder spraying; 
  7. Test and package for shipment.

Glass Railings are increasingly being used on the exterior and interior of new residential and commercial buildings. Generally used in residential buildings for balcony and stair handrails. Commonly used in commercial buildings for interior open spaces and open staircases.

Glass railing are made of aluminum and stainless steel, and frameless glass railing are also available. Glass can provide 5-12mm glass and different colors according to your needs.

Our production cycle is generally 30 days, and the final production cycle must be confirmed based on the quantity of the product. If it is a sample, the delivery time is usually about 15 days.

Please click to contact us and fill in the relevant information. We will give you a quotation within 12 hours and have a designer design production drawings for you.

Yes, we are a factory. Our factory is located at Building 6, Yiqiying Industrial Park, Nanhai, Foshan, Guangdong.

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