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Aluminum Bay Window

A bay window is a type of window consisting of three or more windows that protrude from the exterior wall of a building to form a protruding window sill. Generally, it consists of a central window and two side windows, so that the entire window forms a rectangle or polygon. The special thing about the box bay window is that it can enjoy the scenery from all directions and enjoy the sunlight from different directions, increasing the brightness of the room. Many people use the bay window sill as a reading corner or viewing position, which is undoubtedly a small space for people to relax. Bay windows are favored by more and more people.

aluminum bay window

ZMR Bay Window Introduction

While retaining the spacious window sill, the modern bay window also visually extends the indoor space and increases the sense of luxury of the house. Bay windows can be used in residential or commercial buildings, usually in living rooms, rooms, restaurants, etc. Customers can enjoy the view of the bay window exterior. More and more people choose bay windows instead of ordinary windows. A bay window is more than just a window. The location inside the bay window can also be used for seating, placing items, and storage, adding to the beauty and uniqueness of the house. The bay window exterior enhances the architectural allure and depth of the facade. ZMR’s bay windows allow customers to design different indoor windows by the bay according to their own needs. Click to contact us to get more information.

Base Colors

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Champagne Gold

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White Oak

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Some frequent questions and answers about bay window

All of our products are packed as following steps.

We will use lron pallets instead of wooden pallets to make them more stable.

Step 1. Corners are protected by cardboard to avoid collision damage;

Step 2. Frames are wrapped with protective tapes to avoid scratching;

Step 3. Fix windows and doors on iron pallets with metal fixed strips.

We will adjust the packing way according to the specific requirements of customers to save delivery fees.

Sure, we can, but we have many kinds of windows and doors that are not all included in the catalog. Before sending you a price list, I remember that the responsible thing to do is to understand your specific needs first, rather than just sending you a price list. I am giving you a price list. I believe this is irresponsible to you.

When you receive our doors and windows, you need to check the quantity of all products and accessories first. Then our technicians will follow up your installation process throughout the entire process, and of course, we will also send you our installation video for your reference.

As you know aluminium windows and doors are non-standard products. We need to know your requirements first, such as which window and door type, size, quantity and hardware. We would appreciate it if you could send us the details.

We will replace the products freely if the issues are caused by us. In addition, we will provide replacement freely if the products are under warranty.

Sure, the sample will be sent as you requested.

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