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Aluminium Casement Door

  • Our aluminum hinged swing door offers various colors and shapes to satisfy even the most sophisticated client. They are low maintenance and do not require any time-consuming treatment. The swing door is characterized by great durability and resistance to adverse weather conditions;
  • French door exterior outswing has the ultimate luxury appeal with convenient functionality. Swing doors can be set up to swing inwards or outwards. You can choose single or double doors with a three-point locking system to secure the top and bottom of the door frame;

  • Our factory also has exquisitely beautiful right hand inswing doorand if you don’t find one you like on our web page, don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for a custom one – just for your home!

aluminum casement door

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What makes our doors really exclusive? It is high technology and workmanship precision at every step of the production process. Known for their beauty, durability and quality craftmanship, our windows are just what you need to transform your home’s appearance and give yourself and your family pleasing views of the outside world. Enjoy energy savings, ease of maintenance and much more with time-tested, high-quality windows that come in your choice of sizes, styles and materials. Rest assured that ZMR is committed to providing the right solution to match your unique interior and exterior door needs. Beautiful design, superior operation and long-lasting durability are what we all want.

Product parameters


2.0 mm



Blade width


Blade height


Standard glass



casement door detail diagram
Kinlong casement door lock
casement door hinge

Base Colors

color card black


color card grey


color card champagne gold

Champagne Gold

color card cooffe


color card white


color card brown


colar card white oak

White Oak

colar card walnut



Some frequent questions and answers about casement door

Folding doors, sliding doors, and casement doors are different types of doors that differ in how they open, in design, and in what purpose they are used. Folding doors are composed of multiple door leaves that are connected by hinges and can be folded or unfolded. They are suitable for places that require large openings. Sliding doors slide on mounting rails and are suitable for areas with limited space, such as kitchens and interior partitions. Casement doors are the most common door type, opening by rotating, usually at a 180-degree opening angle, and are suitable for a variety of locations, including domestic, commercial and industrial settings.

The maximum opening angle of a swing door usually varies based on manufacture and design, and the specific maximum opening angle may vary depending on the size and installation location of the door. Generally speaking, the maximum opening angle of our swing doors is around 180 degrees to provide greater passage space.

We provide a ten-year warranty, which means that within the next ten years, if the product has any manufacturing defects or malfunctions due to non-human factors, we will provide repair or replacement services to ensure your satisfaction.

Normally, you can replace some casement door accessories yourself, such as door handles, locks, hinges, etc. These accessories are relatively easy to replace and usually do not require specialized skills or tools.

Thermal insulation performance UW: 0.27W/(㎡·K)

Wind pressure resistance: +5040Pa

Sound insulation performance: Rw up to 37dB

Watertight performance: +720Pa

UW: 0.27W/(㎡·K)

SHGC: 0.17

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