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Aluminum Fixed Window

Aluminium fixed window is also called picture window. As the name implies, it is a window that is usually designed to be fixed in the building structure. It cannot be opened, closed or moved. Fixed glass window is usually used for those that require maximum Positions that absorb natural light or enjoy the beautiful outdoor scenery, such as large commercial areas, residential balcony windows, etc. This is undoubtedly the most perfect solution for these spaces that only need to maximize the view and light transmittance. In terms of safety, since it cannot be opened and can only be fixed, it is often the safest. In terms of maintenance, because it does not have any accessories, it requires almost no maintenance, which also reduces its cost.

fixed glass window

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Aluminum windows are a low-maintenance option, but their energy efficiency is the lowest of all available window materials. Fixed windows are a very energy-efficient window type that can save you on heating or cooling costs, thereby improving energy efficiency. Fixed window is also known as picture frame window, fixed casement window, fixed picture window, fixed frame window, or fixed panel window. Which can beautify your home and are a popular choice for homeowners because they can create a feeling of spaciousness and increase the beauty of the outdoor landscape.

Product parameters

Thickness                                        2.0mm

Bearing                                           120kg

Blade width                                600-900mm

Blade height                                1500-3500mm

Standard glass                             5+27A+5mm

Hardware                                     kerssenberg


Fixed window detail diagram

Base Colors

color card black


color card grey


color card champagne gold

Champagne Gold

color card cooffe


color card white


color card brown


colar card white oak

White Oak

colar card walnut



Some frequent questions and answers about fixed window

Yes, as the initial order, we hope our customers could feel they not only purchase a product but also high-quality service and credible quality. We do not have MOQ, based on the budget of the customers.

Yes, we are very happy to receive your drawings. Customers need to send us drawing, better in CAD or PS format. We can analyze if we can produce or not, so that we can know your needs more clearly.

Sure, we are also very happy for you to experience our products and check the quality of our products in this way. As the saying goes, seeing is believing.

Sure, the order can mix colors and models, which is as promised. This also allows you to experience more of our different product categories.

Our sample lead time is generally one week. Different sample customization times will also be different.

Our delivery time is 25-40 days after receiving the deposit.

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