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Aluminum Folding Window

  • Folding windows are a smaller version of folding doors. These windows can be used in commercial buildings and private residential applications. What attracts customers most is that they can completely open up the field of vision when opened;
  • If you are looking for an innovative solution that turns the inside out and the outside in, sliding folding windows may be the perfect choice;

  • Bifold kitchen windows can upgrade your kitchen to create four-season enjoyment; While vertical bifold window creates convenient, barrier-free pass-through windows for your hallway, bar or pool room, bringing people closer to nature;

  • Break the shackles of tradition, folding kitchen window supports multi-panel folding designs such as 3+0/3+1/4+0/5+0…
folding window

ZMR Folding Window Introduction Video

Fold window, also called sliding folding window, has become one of our most popular products due to its unique advantages. If you want to replace your kitchen with folding kitchen windows please choose us.  The following video will lead us to have a deeper understanding of it. Firstly, the 2.0 wall thickness + thermal break profile structure + double-layer insulated glass gives this window perfect heat and sound insulation performance that meets daily needs. Secondly, the design of double sealing strips allows the windows to better cope with outdoor weather challenges, giving every home safer protection. Then, the selection of German accessories allows the window to easily deal with opening and closing up to 10,000 times. Finally, the continuous extension of vertical bifold window, bifold kitchen window, sliding folding window and other styles give everyone more choices to decorate their houses.

Product parameters

Thickness                                        2.0mm

Bearing                                           120kg

Blade width                                600-900mm

Blade height                                1500-3500mm

Standard glass                             5+27A+5mm

Hardware                                     kerssenberg


folding window detail diagram
folding window handle
folding window wheel
folding window handle

Base Colors

color card black


color card grey


color card champagne gold

Champagne Gold

color card cooffe


color card white


color card brown


colar card white oak

White Oak

colar card walnut



Some frequent questions and answers about folding window

Our team is familiar with the installation of doors and windows in various environments. Under normal circumstances, we can provide you with installation methods. If necessary, we can send professional technicians to your country to help you install it.

Aluminum Doors offer advantages over PVC Doors in almost every area. Considering the environment and service life, aluminum doors are currently the best and most popular choice.

Firstly, we are factories. Secondly, we are not only rich in industry experience, but also adopted a variety of cost control measures, including efficient production processes, raw material procurement strategies, and competitive price strategies. Finally, we also constantly update our products to provide cost-effective products to attract more customers.

We have thermal break and non-thermal break to choose from. “thermal break” is a technique that improves the thermal insulation properties of a window or door. Thermal break windows or doors usually have a design that adds a thermal break inside the window frame or door frame. The function of the thermal break is to reduce the heat conduction between the indoor and outdoor areas, thereby improving the thermal insulation performance of the window or door. This helps reduce energy consumption, lower heating and cooling costs, and improve indoor comfort. If you have this need, you can choose a thermal break.

Aluminum is far superior when it comes to durability and life cycle. Wood will slowly decay after being eroded by rain, while aluminum is waterproof, scratch-resistant and has good thermal insulation properties. Aluminum also provides greater structural strength to support larger and heavier doors and windows.

Under normal circumstances, if the goods arrive without accessories or screws, you can first contact us for confirmation. If the accessories are really missing, you can buy them locally or we can reship them by express delivery.

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