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Aluminum Hung Window

There are two types of aluminum alloy hang windows: single-hung windows and double-hung windows. Hang windows are a common choice for many homeowners. It is very similar to a sliding window. It can also be opened by sliding. The only difference is that its two sashes can slide vertically and be fixed in any position. If indoors, this type of window can generally be used in areas such as exterior walls, patios, or decks. Hang windows are also perfect for fast food restaurants and food trucks. It can be opened in a limited space and is suitable for fast-food restaurants and food trucks. Hang windows are often equipped with push-pull locks or stabilizers to keep them open or closed.

Vertical sliding window

ZMR Hung Window Introduction Video

American lift window system, ZMR adopts customized slide rails, which can be opened flexibly, and the window sash can be hovered at any position. The facade is exquisite and opens in one plane, taking up less indoor space, with good ventilation and lighting effects and a wide and smooth view. The stress of the window is concentrated on the window sash, so the load pressure on the wall and window frame is small, and the cross-section and visible surface of the window frame are small. The frame-wrapped-sash structure design allows the window sash to be wrapped around the window frame and run vertically. It is equipped with multiple siliconized tops. The frame and sash fit accurately, and the waterproof sealing effect is good.

Product parameters

Thickness                                        2.0mm

Bearing                                           120kg

Blade width                                600-900mm

Blade height                                1500-3500mm

Standard glass                             5+27A+5mm

Hardware                                     kerssenberg


Vertical sliding window detail diagram

Base Colors

color card black


color card grey


color card champagne gold

Champagne Gold

color card cooffe


color card white


color card brown


colar card white oak

White Oak

colar card walnut



Some frequent questions and answers about vertical sliding window

There are imported and domestic products for customers to choose from. For example VBH, Giesse, Siegenia, Roto and KinLong. We recommend you use an Australian brand if you are in Australia for easy replacement, so a local brand is the best choice.

We have exported a large number of products overseas. And currently we do not have any complaints from any customers about our packaging. We can send packaged photos to show you the details of our packages.

All of our systems are designed according to the requirements of markets like Australia, USA and Canada. Our engineers can design the systems you need to match different wall.

We recommend you choose anodized finish if the house is near salt water for long-term corrosion resistance, but powder coating will be better if the house is far away from salt water.

Both are good. If it is a standard size, the production cycle will be shortened and you can get the product in advance.

We don’t set MOQ. Besides, we are happy to make prototypes or samples for clients to ensure quality standards.

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