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A pivot door is a door design type that is different from a sliding door or a hinged door in that it is a pivot entry door that opens or closes by rotating around a vertical axis. This type of door is larger and heavier than the average door and is usually used in buildings that require large openings, matching modern and luxury buildings. Although pivot doors are larger, they rotate at one point and do not need to bear their entire weight. The design of pivot doors allows them to be opened or closed easily. The unique appearance, large size, and unique opening method of pivot doors have made them a popular door.

Pivot door

ZMR Pivot Door Introduction

Different from other doors, pivot doors generally only have two accessories: door handle and pivot hinge, and pivot hinge is used to control its rotation. The modern beauty and functionality of our unique Pivot Doors are showcased in the video. Simple lines, high-quality materials, and a unique rotating opening method bring a unique appearance and convenient use experience to your home. We offer wood pivot doors and aluminum pivot doors, contact us for a free consultation on all your doors and windows.


Some frequent questions and answers about Pivot door

A pivot door is a door that is connected to the door frame by a hinge around which the door can rotate rather than sliding open or closed.

Pivot doors include indoor pivot doors, outdoor pivot doors, one-way pivot doors, two-way pivot doors, revolving doors, etc. Usually suitable for residential and commercial areas, revolving doors are more common in commercial areas and are used for entrance and exit of doors to increase their appeal.

Pivot doors can be made from a variety of materials, including wood, aluminum, glass, composites, and more. Choose the style that suits your building based on use and design requirements.

The advantages of pivot doors include taking up less space, opening and closing smoothly, being easy to maintain, being able to withstand high traffic, having a variety of design styles to choose from, and being suitable for different environments and uses.

Maintenance of pivot doors includes regular lubrication of door buckles and hinges, cleaning of door surfaces, and inspection and replacement of worn parts to ensure smooth opening and closing of the door and safety.

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