Revolving Door

Revolving Door

Revolving doors are a special type of door that can rotate 360 degrees around a central axis to provide access. It is also called rotating door, door revolving and spinning door. Its advantage is that it allows multiple people to enter and exit at the same time. It is usually used in places with a large flow of people, such as large public places such as shopping malls, hotels, and hospitals, and allows two-way traffic. The door that spins is designed to allow people to pass through while reducing air circulation inside and outside. ZMR’s revolving doors can effectively prevent wind, dust and sound insulation, while also saving energy. In the event of an emergency, the revolving door wings can be returned to their starting position with the assistance of backup power. As soon as the door has reached this position, the central section can automatically open to create an escape route.

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ZMR Revolving Door Introduction

Revolving doors can be divided into manual revolving doors and automatic revolving doors, which are available as three-wing doors or four-wing doors, can be operated manually or automatically, and are available in almost any color or surface treatment you can think of. Compared with ordinary hinged doors, the difference between hinged doors and revolving doors is the hinge position. The rotating axis of the revolving door is generally fixed between the top and bottom of the door. The door leaf system configuration is very flexible. The inner diameter range is 2000 – 3800 mm. According to different diameters, you can achieve the traffic height you need.


Some frequent questions and answers about revolving door

1. We will produce a sample to confirm with the customer before mass production. If there are no problems, we will continue to produce it.

2. During the production process, regularly report production progress to customers and send videos or pictures.

3. Before shipping, detailed inspection must be carried out to ensure the quality and normal function of each door and window. This includes testing doors and windows open or closed to verify their operation and performance. Only after confirming that there are no problems with the doors and windows can the loading operation continue to ensure the safety and integrity of the goods.

Maintenance frequency depends on the extent of use of the turnstile and environmental conditions. Generally speaking, regular inspections of the door’s mechanical parts, electrical systems, and safety features are necessary to ensure they are functioning properly.

Yes, turnstiles are often equipped with various safety features such as anti-pinch, emergency stop and anti-collision functions. These features are designed to ensure user safety.

Of course.Welcome to our company.We have displayed many new design in our showroom for your reference.

Revolving door is an automatic door system that usually consists of one or more rotating door leaves that rotate to allow people to pass through. They are widely used in places such as commercial buildings, shopping malls and public transport stations.

Revolving doors provide efficient crowd control and prevent large amounts of air from entering the building, helping to save energy. They can also add to a building’s appearance and safety.

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