Sliding Door

Sliding Door

  • 150 series aluminum sliding door, breaking the highest record of Intertek’s sliding door testing history, it is the highest performance product in the current domestic aluminium sliding patio doors system;
  • It can be used as a normal sliding door or as a lifting sliding door, manual sliding or automatic sliding door. It can be used as a commercial door as well as for home use;
  • Full-featured, varying designs. Both automatic sliding doors commercial and automatic sliding doors residential can be achieved.
aluminum sliding door

ZMR Sliding Door Introduction Video

A popular door system Automatic sliding doors commercial door. The material thickness is 2.5mm for the frame and 2.0mm for the sash. It breaks the record of Intertek certified sliding door testing with 720 Pa waterproof performance and 3600 Pa windproof performance. Also, it can be used for automatic sliding doors residential door. Its sound insulation can be up to 35 to 40 decibels, and there is a good soundproofing. They can be electric sliding doors and also manual aluminium sliding patio doors. It can be used as a normal sliding or lift sliding door. The material is so strong that it can be up to 3 meters wide in a single panel. The slot for glass is 37mm, which suits double or triple glass.

Product parameters




80kg -100kg

Blade width


Blade height


Standard glass




sliding window detail diagram
Sliding window lock
Sliding window wheels
100 series sliding windows-wooden subframe

Base Colors

color card black


color card grey


color card champagne gold

Champagne Gold

color card cooffe


color card white


color card brown


colar card white oak

White Oak

colar card walnut



Some frequent questions and answers about sliding door

Our sliding doors are all customized. If you want to open it automatically, we can achieve it through facial recognition, infrared sensing, fingerprint recognition, etc.

Generally speaking, the maximum width of sliding doors is 2.5m and the height is 4m.

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The thickness of glass and profiles varies from different series, ranging from 5mm glass to 12mm glass, etc., and profile wall thicknesses from 1.5mm to 3.0mm are relatively common.

Coated glass, tinted glass (colored glass), Low-E glass, Laminated glass etc.

There are imported and domestic products for customers to choose from. For example VBH, Giesse, Siegenia, Roto and KinLong.

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