Aluminum Garage Door

Aluminum Garage Door

Aluminum glass garage door is a kind of door installed at the entrance of the garage to control vehicles entering and exiting the garage. Garage doors aluminum are available in both manual and automatic types, as well as different designs and materials. Aluminium garage doors are one type, as well as swing out garage doors, which have the advantage of being lighter but stronger than other doors and easier to install. At the same time, because aluminum is corrosion-resistant and does not rust easily, it requires little maintenance and reduces costs. The garage door can be opened or closed via a remote control or mobile phone connection, which improves the convenience of the garage door. In terms of safety, aluminum garage doors usually have safety features, such as anti-pinch devices, automatic stopping functions when encountering obstacles, and password protection functions.

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ZMR Aluminum Garage Door Introduction

ZMR’s aluminum garage doors use high-quality aluminum alloy profiles and high-strength impact-resistant glass. The door can be hovered at any position and will automatically lock when the door is closed. There is no need to worry about forgetting to lock the door or being unable to lock the door due to a power outage. Due to the durability of aluminum, aluminum garage doors last longer and reduce maintenance costs. Aluminum garage doors are becoming a popular choice due to their versatility in design and functionality, making them suitable for a variety of buildings. Aluminum car doors also have certain thermal insulation properties, so they can effectively improve the temperature inside the garage under extreme weather conditions.

Base Colors

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Champagne Gold

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White Oak

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Some frequent questions and answers about garage door

Yes, it has automatic lighting equipment. When opening and closing the garage door, the lights automatically turn on with a delay of 5 minutes and then turn off automatically.

Our garage door has a safety protection system that automatically stops when it encounters an obstacle when it rises, and automatically rebounds when it falls.

Yes, the power-off device is made up of a torsion spring manual system, and a power failure emergency lock is provided during power failure.

High quality torsion spring balances the weight of the door panel and reduces the load of the motor.

Characteristics are high durability, heat preservation, thermal insulation, sound insulation and so on.

Password can be set randomly with a repetition rate of 10 billion points.

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