TOP 10 China Aluminum Brand of Door and Window Export to North America

TOP1 Zhongtai Doors & Windows

China’s leading manufacturer of aluminum alloy doors and windows, with product lines covering high-quality doors, windows and curtain walls. With excellent design and craftsmanship, we provide innovative solutions for the global market, especially in the North American market. Continuous investment in technology research and development and production facilities ensures product quality reaches international standards. The advantage lies in its diversified product portfolio and global market layout. However, in some markets it may be challenged by local competitors and needs to remain competitive.

TOP2  Kawneer

As one of Arconic’s brands, Kawneer Aluminum focuses on the design and manufacturing of high-end doors, windows and building curtain wall systems. Its products enjoy a strong reputation in the North American market and are known for superior craftsmanship and sustainable design. The disadvantage is that higher prices may limit market share and require maintaining competitiveness in the high-end market. The strength lies in global influence and constant pursuit of innovation.

TOP3  ZMR Building Materials (ZMR Door)

ZMR is a manufacturer specializing in the production of aluminum doors and windows. It mainly exports to Europe, the United States, Australia and other countries. As an aluminum door and window super factory, it has its own factory covering an area of 10,000 square meters. It has passed American standard NFRC certification, European standard CE certification, and Australian standard AS2047 certification. The sliding door broke the Intertek test record and is currently the highest-performance product in China’s sliding door system. The slimline sliding door is the first China manufacturer to pass the test. The advantages are moderate price, high-cost performance, diversified products, and can be customized according to customer needs. In order to maintain market competitiveness, it is necessary to increase market share and continuously update and iterate according to international market demand.


YKK AP is a world-renowned manufacturer of aluminum alloy door and window systems, committed to providing high-quality, sustainable and innovative building solutions. A solid presence in the North American market with a reputation for engineering and design excellence. Its strengths include global reach, deep experience and exceptional customer service. Disadvantages: May be challenged by local competitors in some markets and need to remain competitive.

TOP5 Reynaers Aluminum

Reynaers Aluminum is an international leader focusing on high-end aluminum alloy door and window systems. The products focus on customized design and are widely used in the construction industry. In the North American market, it enjoys a high reputation for its unique design and excellent performance. The advantage lies in its high-end market positioning and continuous investment in technological innovation. Higher prices may limit market share, and certain methods need to be adopted to maintain competitiveness in the high-end market.

TOP6 China Zhongwang

China Zhongwang is the world’s leading aluminum profile manufacturer, and its products are widely used in construction, transportation and other fields. In the North American market, we have achieved a certain market share with our diversified product lines and global supply chain. The advantage lies in large-scale production and rapid response to global market demand. The disadvantage is that it may be affected by fluctuations in global aluminum prices and requires flexibility to respond to market changes.

TOP7 Kinlong

Kinlong focuses on the R&D and production of door and window hardware accessories, providing comprehensive support for the door and window industry. Known for high quality, reliability and innovation, its products are exported to international markets including North America. The advantage lies in professional product lines and a deep understanding of industry needs. Disadvantages depend on the development of the doors and windows industry, and market fluctuations may have an impact on the company’s performance.

TOP8 Topson

Topson specializes in stainless steel and aluminum alloy products, including doors, windows, railings, etc. With its unique design and high-quality products, it has won recognition in the international market, especially in the North American market. The strength lies in the diversified product portfolio and rapid response to customer needs. Disadvantages: The market is highly competitive and requires constant innovation to maintain market share.

TOP9 Miracle Aluminum

Miracle Aluminum is a professional manufacturer of aluminum alloy doors and windows, with its products exported to many countries around the world. It has won a certain market share in the North American market with its excellent quality and flexible production capabilities. The advantage lies in the global market layout and unremitting pursuit of quality. However, it needs to stay competitive in the global market and focus on product innovation and quality control.

TOP10 Sanyang Doors & Windows

Sanyang Doors & Windows is a door and window manufacturing company in China. Its products include aluminum alloy and PVC materials. In the international market, especially the North American market, we will gradually expand our market share by continuously improving product quality and service levels. The advantage lies in local market understanding and adaptability to international markets. The disadvantage is that when facing the international market, you need to deal with local and international competition.

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